"Hope you don’t mind me messaging you, Phil but I wanted to say that you turned my negative views about therapy into a positive journey. To say I have meaning back in my life is an understatement".


"Phil, thank you for spending so much time with me. This was a difficult subject for me to process, but I no longer dream about that traumatic period. You have given me self-confidence and have brought back optimism into my life".

JB Greek Islands

"Phil, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help last year. I have been doing some ongoing work around the PTSD and Exposure and now that the physical symptoms from the accident have improved, I am in a much better place. I can’t thank you enough".

LD Berkshire

"Hi Phil, LT here, just want to give you an update. I went for the hospital appointment and I have been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. I just want to thank you as none of this would have been possible without your help and support. Thank you for caring".

LT Hampshire

"Dear Phil, I would really like to thank you for everything. These past few weeks have helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t have made it without you".

PT London

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