Virtual Therapy – How Does It Work?

Finding the right therapist can often be difficult. Location, availability and cost are all factors that will have an impact on your choice. However, recent advances in communication technology have given you, the client, a far bigger say in how you receive therapy particularly in these new, challenging times. With the advent of Skype, Zoom, Teams and WhatsApp audio-visual communication, a therapist can now be available at a location to suit you.

Through a Skype, Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp Video Call, it is now possible to talk at length with friends, relatives and business colleagues virtually worldwide and now you are able to receive therapy in the same way. This is particularly useful if you live in a remote location or you are simply not able to leave your home to visit a therapist in person. You may have a particularly busy lifestyle and want to receive therapy ‘on the move’ or at your place of work.

Provided you have access to a computer, i.e. laptop, desktop or tablet or even your mobile phone, you have access to virtual therapy via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. It will give you a wider choice of therapists and it will enable you to compare the cost. For example in Canada and the United States, therapy costs have always been traditionally higher than in the United Kingdom. Therapy via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp gives you, the client greater financial flexibility and enables you to choose the best value for money option (or most affordable), as well as the flexibility to find the best therapist for you.

How does it work in practice? You would simply contact me for an initial, 30-minute (or 60-minute) assessment (do this via the Email Me button). Please bear in mind the time difference between GMT and your personal location. If at all possible, I will be available at times to suit you and appointments are usually possible whatever the time difference.

Once you have decided whether you wish to proceed with an appointment. I will confirm to you via e-mail whether the preferred appointment is available and book the appointment. Each therapy session lasts for 50 minutes (60 minutes for Trauma Therapy), which is payable in advance via Bank Transfer of PayPal at the time of confirmation, i.e. before the therapy session begins.

If for any reason you or I need to cancel the session, a full refund will be made or credit given – the choice is yours provided at least 24 hours notice is given. Regrettably, refunds cannot be given for short notice cancellations, i.e. less than 24 hours

My hourly charge is £50.00 for General Therapy, £70.00 for Trauma or BPD Therapy, £70.00 for Relationship (Couples) Therapy with discounts for Group Therapy. The amount will be billed in your local currency via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Please note that exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis and you would need to check your local rate at the time of payment. I would also recommend that you read the Territorial Disclaimer (US Clients only) on the Payments page to ensure you are able to take part in Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp therapy in your particular location.

Usually, it is recommended that a block of 6 appointments are agreed upon for short-term therapy, which can then be added to and reviewed. Open-ended or long-term therapy is exactly that – therapy which will continue indefinitely until either you decide that it is time to stop or, in some cases, I feel that further sessions would no longer be beneficial. For example, a convenient ‘ending’ has been reached or perhaps your GP or MD might be able to offer you another solution. However, this will be discussed in detail before our sessions begin.

Finally, let me say that nothing can replace the ‘one-to-one’ experience of seeing your therapist in person. There is a greater ‘warmth’ and often a closer ‘connection’ with the traditional consultation, but sometimes that just isn’t possible when location, limited availability, waiting lists, lifestyle and personal mobility are taken into consideration. I strongly believe that virtual therapy offers a beneficial alternative where support and help are needed.

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